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Northstar Marine Insurance is proud to offer a product that is designed for Ontario boaters. We provide our clients with an unmatched, comprehensive yacht insurance Ontario policy that will protect your yacht of any size or value.

Our all-risk comprehensive marine insurance policy covers the watercraft in the water, on a trailer, or in storage. The protection provides coverage for accidents, including fire, theft, vandalism, collision, lightning, storm damage, and vermin damage. As an added bonus, you receive emergency towing, loss of use coverage, voluntary medical payments and accidental death coverage with liability limit up to $2,000,000 – which includes accidental pollution liability.


Buy Yacht and Marine insurance in Canada from the experts at Northstar Marine Insurance.

Our yacht insurance coverage in Canada is offered on an agreed value or actual cash value form. We will go through the marine insurance options that are available to make sure you understand what you are purchasing. Not all yacht insurance policies are the same; the more you understand about the differences in coverage options, the better you will be protected

You shopped long and hard and decided on the boat that offers you the lifestyle of your choice: whether it is entertaining family, cruising to the Bahamas or spending time with your friends at the marina.  You have made a significant investment and deserve coverage that is catered to you.  Here are some things to consider when you are shopping for boat insurance:

  1. Personal Effects

As the boat size grows, the contents will increase too.  Northstar automatically includes a limit for personal effects, and this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

  1. Emergency Towing

With a bigger boat comes the ability to venture further offshore.  Should something happen and you radio in for a tow, the cost can catch you off-guard.  A marine policy that includes emergency towing at no additional cost does two things:  first, it saves you purchasing on-water assistance separately, and secondly, it ensures you are not left footing the bill for a costly tow. Send us your tow receipt and we’ll pay it with no claim on your record, and no deductible.  We just want you safely off the water.*

  1. Navigation Extensions

If you like to travel and are planning a winter escape down south, a Northstar policy has options for navigation extensions that are quick, easy and affordable!

  1. Medical Payments / Accidental Death

Boating is fun and relaxing but sometimes it doesn’t go as planned.  While we don’t like to think about it, a Northstar policy includes medical payments and accidental death coverage for you and your family.*

  1. Agreed Value Coverage

You’ve made a significant investment and need to be properly protected.  An Agreed Value Policy ensures that, should something happen to the boat, the insurance company will give you the insured value without any depreciation.

*Limits apply

Northstar is the Best way to Protect Your Investment in Ontario

Your yacht is much too expensive of an item to remain uncovered. Your marine insurance premium through Northstar Marine Insurance will pale in comparison to the potential costs of an accident, theft, vandalism or other unfortunate event. Do not let one more day go by without extensive marine insurance protection firmly in place for your prized possession.

Northstar Marine Insurance specialists are waiting for your call. Dial 1 (866) 717-9295 to speak to a representative, or visit our online quote form for a free quote today.



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