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Yacht Insurance in Ontario – 1000 Islands, 1000 Stories

Whenever someone is buying yacht insurance in Ontario from us here at Northstar, and they say they’re headed to the 1000 Islands, we know exactly what they’re talking about. The 1000 Islands (and actually, there’s more like 1,800 islands) are absolutely full of stories, adventures, and chances for every activity imaginable.

While you’re exploring the 1000 Islands for yourself, here are a few truly unique attractions to keep an eye out for.

Three Great Sights in the 1000 Islands

  1. Half-Moon Bay

The passing of the glaciers at the end of the last ice age carved plenty of spectacular locales into North America, but few quite like Half-Moon Bay. The incredible granite walls of this waterway are truly a sight to see, and also something of a religious experience – literally. Throughout the summer, various denominations take turns holding outdoor services, often complete with a pipe organ echoing through the canyon.

  1. Boldt Castle on Heart Island

Can you get more romantic than a castle on its own island?  It’s hard to imagine how. Constructed over a century ago, Boldt Castle is open to the public and a truly amazing tourist attraction. Most of the castle is explorable, with a mix of “original-state” furnishings and planned attractions. It’s a must see.

Just keep in mind, it’s technically US property, so bring proper ID if you plan to visit.

  1. The Wanderer’s Channel

If you’re looking for an easy way to relax and spend a day exploring the 1000 Islands area, the Wanderer’s Channel is it. Winding from Beaurivage Island to the far side of McDonald Island, the Wanderer’s Channel is non-challenging but absolutely packed with sights. At points, you can get so close to bordering islands you can practically touch them, but don’t worry – the center of the channel is plenty deep for passage.

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