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A Word from The Crawford Family

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She is Delicious – merlot wine and butter cream- an indulgence to be savoured throughout the years. And yes, Delicious is our boat and she arrived in 2009 to change the landscape of our days.  Delicious was not only named because of her colours (merlot and butter cream) but as a reference to an internet site called ‘Delicious Links’, designed to link you to all of your favourite sites.  Certainly, Delicious represents our link to the lakes-providing us with a whole new landscape to explore and enjoy.  There is just something about the water that feeds the soul and calms the mind.  Perhaps it is the ability to act on a whim – “Let’s go this way…Let’s stop here and swim…”  The constraints of land travel just float away!  It is really hard to describe the magic that happens when you are boating – it is just that delicious feeling that envelopes you – peaceful yet exciting at the same time.  As a family of five, it is often hard to find activities that meet everyone’s needs yet boating accomplishes this  – it is a perfect fit.  In a typical afternoon, we will wakeboard, tube, swim, visit, explore, dock, read, sun, picnic, and, as the kids say, just ‘chill’ and float while listening to our favourite music.  Really, that is our ‘boating story’ –  not so much of an event but a lifestyle that has us savouring so many moments of “Remember when…..”

The Crawford Family

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