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Why Ontario Boaters Love the Muskokas

As experts in boat insurance in Ontario, we love hearing stories from our customers about their boating adventures.  One topic that comes up over and over is The Muskokas.  Part of Ontario’s famous Cottage Country, the Muskokas are absolutely filled with amazing sights, quaint villages, and plenty of areas which are only accessible by boat.

It’s a dream for anyone who loves adventures on the water, particularly those with smaller craft who can fit into all its tight spaces and shallow areas.

Four Things to Do and See in the Muskokas

1 – Huntsville

Huntsville is a natural jumping-off point for any exploration of the Muskoka waterways… but the town itself is nothing to overlook either!  With a backdrop of rivers and waterfalls, Huntsville is beautiful and lively.  It also has a thriving local arts scene, with live performances all year, so there’s lots to do at night once you’re off the waters too!

2 – Peninsula Lake

Peninsula Lake is just a bit east of Huntsville, and is a perfect destination if you’re looking for a quiet beach getaway.  With more than 550km of shoreline, and other nearby lakes like the Lake of Bays besides, you’re guaranteed to find a piece of sand to call your own – even at the height of tourist season.

3 – Algonquin Park

With nearby Dwight being a hub of canoe-building, it should come as no surprise that the waterways of Algonquin Park greatly favor small craft.  If you have a canoe, kayak, or jetski you can find some truly impressive vistas and fun waterways to explore – and without having to worry about making room for larger craft.

4 – Muskoka Heritage Place

For a trip back in time into Canada’s history, the Muskoka Heritage Place makes a great stopover.  This preserved village includes an authentic blacksmith and sawmill, along with museums devoted to the Age of Steam and other aspects of maritime history.  There’s even a fully-functional 1920s steam train, in operation and taking visitors around the area!

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