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What do I do when I have a claim?

Claims can happen – that’s why you have purchased marine insurance. When something goes wrong our goal is to ensure that every claim is settled quickly and fairly, getting you back on the water as soon as possible. Below is an outline of what you need to do if you have a claim and the claims procedure. For more information or assistance please contact us.

When should I claim against my insurance policy?

If you experience a loss that exceeds your deductible you should then consider the true cost of the claim as it relates to your annual premium. Weigh the cost of the premium increase versus. the cost of repairing the damage. Call our office to discuss what the financial impact of the claim could be.  If you decide to move ahead with a claim, report the claim immediately.

What do I do if I have a claim?

  1. Make sure everyone is safe.
  2. Call 911 if emergency assistance is required.
  3. Alert the police of theft, break-in or vandalism.
  4. Do not assume any liability.
  5. Take necessary action to protect the watercraft from further loss or damage. Example, remove it from the water if it is taking on water.
  6. Do not alter any evidence of the loss. It is extremely important the adjuster sees the full extent of the damages and all possible causes.  Before you start repairs call and report the loss so that an adjuster can be assigned.  If you have experienced a break-in or vandalism call the police immediately.  If you absolutely must alter anything to protect the vessel from further loss, take multiple detailed pictures of the damage first.
  7. Report incident immediately by calling either 1-866-692-8482 or 1-866-717-9295. You can also submit a claim on-line on this website.
  8. Keep your phone line available.
  9. You may be asked to provide a written statement of the incident. Start writing down notes right away that include the date and time the loss occurred as well as the who, what, where, why and how of everything that happened.
  10. Forward any photos and/or estimates you have to your adjuster.
  11. Do not authorize any repairs until you have spoken with an adjuster. Your adjuster will be in contact with you to go over details of the claim. Once the claim is approved, your adjuster will give you authorization to begin repairs.

I’ve reported my claim. Now what?

  1. Once you have reported your claim, an adjuster will contact you and the repair facility to gather the necessary claim details
  2. The adjuster will require a written estimate from your repair facility before any repairs can be authorized.
  3. The adjuster will determine if a site visit is required and arrange a time when they can look at the vessel, if necessary. Note: not all claims require site visits.
  4. Once the adjuster has authorized repairs, the repair facility can begin repairing the watercraft.
  5. Once repairs have been completed, you will be asked to sign and return a Proof of Loss, confirming repairs are completed and satisfactory.
  6. When the Proof of Loss is returned to the adjuster, a cheque will be issued to the repair facility in the amount of the repairs, minus your deductible

Please Click here to submit your claim to our office on-line and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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