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The Top Ten Places to Go Fishing in Ontario – Part 2

Welcome back!  If you’ve seen our previous blog on great Ontario fishing spots, then you know what we’re about.  Northstar Marine Insurance is here to connect people with perfect fishing boat insurance in Ontario, and then see them have a great time in the local waters.

In our previous blog, we covered five of the best places to fish in Ontario – and now here’s the other five.  Again, in no particular order, we present…

Ten of The Best Ontario Fishing Spots (1-5)

5 – Lake Nipigon

Lake Nipigon is generally considered the best spot in Ontario if you’re looking for trophy trout. Twenty-pounders are caught regularly, and forty-pound catches aren’t unheard of.  It’s a huge, deep lake that’s still almost totally pristine – a genuine joy to boat upon as well as to do some fishing.  

4 – Niagara River

You might not think the Niagara River would be a good fishing spot, due to how built-up the area is, but the local walleye disagree!  In fact, most people who frequent the river tend to think the fishing is only getting better as the years pass.  It’s picturesque, and you’re bound to go home with some great catches.

3 – Long Lake

Long Lake is actually a reservoir, and nearly 100km long.  Much of it can feel quite isolated, as most of the shoreline is inaccessible.  Access comes via Longlac on its north shore.  There’s a deep-water basin that’s another great spot for trout fishing.

2 – Ottawa River

The Ottawa River is best known for its walleye, with a well-loved fishery that consistently brings in visitors from across the province.  Plus, with the length of the river, this would be a great opportunity for a fishing vacation, moving slowly down it over the course of a week.

1 – Manitou Lake

Located just north of Fort Frances, Manitou Lake is a gigantic dedicated fishery, over 100km north-south.  It’s unusual in that it’s divided into two halves, with a narrow pass connecting them.  Smaller boats are recommended if you’re planning to explore both the upper and lower sections.  Look for plenty of trout, as well as gorgeous granite walls.

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