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The Family Boat

She wasn’t beautiful, and certainly wasn’t the latest greatest model.  She broke all the time, wasn’t fast and was terrible in rough water.  But…she was our boat and she was in the family as far back as I can remember.  Our boat first lived at my Grandfather’s cottage in Apsley.  She used to take us on Sundays to the little outdoor church across the lake.  Trips to the local marina for gas were the best because they involved strawberry and grape marshmallow candies in little brown paper bags.  Waking up in the morning I could hear the waves lapping up against her sides, a cheerful sound full with the promise of fun to come.  I remember the day she broke down in the middle of Shanoas Lake and my Dad swimming pulling her back to shore, me and our Basset Hound riding happily and dry inside!

When my Grandfather sold his cottage and we bought our own, the old boat came to live with us.  She was getting on in years and couldn’t be relied on to transport us back and forth to our island cottage so we purchased a little aluminum fishing boat.  Our old friend was reserved for grand outings to The Swimming Place where we anchored and spent the day splashing and laughing.  She would take us into Fenlan Falls to eat grape ice cream and watch the bigger boats go through the locks.  I remember her taking us out to watch the fireworks and falling asleep as her engine rumbled us all the way home.

I don’t remember when she left our family – teenage years bring different priorities.  Years later my Dad and I were driving through Torrance when low and behold there she was, sitting regally on a trailer in someone’s driveway.  I’m glad another family is enjoying her now.  If they only knew the memories she has left us with!

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