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Spring boating

It feels like summer out there and your boat is calling you. If the ice is out where you boat, it’s awfully tempting to put her in for a pre-season cruise but you might want to hold off for a bit longer. Marine insurance policies have lay up periods ie. times during the year when the boat must be taken out of the water.  These dates vary between companies but most are from around early April to early November. So while it’s 25 degrees and sunny, it may not be boating time on your insurance policy.

Another thing to consider. When the ice goes out it leaves behind gifts for unsuspecting boaters – deadheads for example. Things aren’t marked properly yet;  markers aren’t in the channels and charts aren’t updated. Be safe.. why not let someone else hit that log first!

One more thing. We don’t want to think about it but if something does happen and you end up taking a dip, that water is a little more than refreshing.  It’s downright freezing and hypothermea sets in quickly.

All in all, while it’s tempting to take the inaugural cruise, maybe hold off a bit.  There’s lots of time so make sure your boat and the lakes are ready for you.

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