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Small Boat Insurance in Ontario – Remember Proper Maintenance to Keep Your Small Boat Running Well

It seems like we have more newcomers looking to us for small boat insurance in Ontario than ever before. Plenty of people across Canada have dreamed of owning their own boat, and they’re apparently taking the plunge in large numbers.

Few things are quite like owning your own boat, and feeling the freedom of the waves beneath your feet. However, it’s important to remember that small boats need regular maintenance -just like cars- and being neglectful can easily lead to big problems down the line.

The Most Important Maintenance Aspects of Owning a Small Boat

Regular Washing

We do occasionally have people wonder why they need to wash their boats when they’re always in water, but it’s extremely important – particularly if you’re boating in saltwater. You should always, at least, give the exterior of your boat a full rinse after a day’s boating. This washes away anything that could corrode your metal fasteners or start eating away at the hull.

If you can’t do it on the same day, don’t wait longer than the next day. Just like with a car, give it a full scrubbing from time to time as well.  

Oil Changes

Don’t forget to change your oil periodically! Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a Jiffy-Lube for boats, and trips to the dealership for oil changes are usually expensive. So, check your owner’s manual, and learn how to change it for yourself – you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.  

Some engine models have valves that can be opened to directly dump the oil; others require attaching a suction hose to the dipstick tube to suck the oil out that way.

Maintain Your Propeller 

Maritime newcomers often underestimate how quickly propeller problems can grow into bigger problems. Even minor chips or cracks can reduce your efficiency and lead to wasted gas. Worse, they can create imbalances that, in turn, create vibrations that wear down critical engine parts more quickly.

Check your propeller frequently for any nicks, dents, or other signs of damage. Take care of them sooner, rather than later.

Small Boat Insurance in Ontario Done Right

Northstar Insurance specializes in bringing the best small boat insurance in Ontario, with minimal fuss or hassle.  Contact us today to see how easy insuring your new boat can be!

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