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Seadoo Insurance : What you need to know

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Seadoo Insurance has come a long way. It’s had to because the machines themselves have evolved so much. From the early stand up Kawasaki models and the Arctic Cat Tiger Sharks to the now popular Waverunners and Bombardier Seadoos, personal watercraft offer something for everyone. If wave jumping is your style, there’s a model for you. If you prefer a cruise with the family, maybe a three seater model is the way to go. Whatever you choose, having the right seadoo insurance policy is tantamount to your enjoyment.

At first seadoo insurance was seen as a risky venture by insurance companies who saw the vessels as dangerous and prone to injury and liability claims. This was mostly a reflection on the newness of the product and a lack of statistical data. That being said, the early models didn’t have the same safety features enjoyed by today’s models. Insurance companies priced seadoo insurance accordingly and premiums deterred many from buying seadoo insurance if not from buying the vessels themselves which rapidly grew in popularity.

As more statistical data was collected and safety improved, seadoo insurance premiums started to drop. Today, you can purchase a solid seadoo insurance policy for half the price you once could. As Ontario boat insurance providers we like to discuss the history of the product with our clients to give them an understanding that the seadoo policy they are purchasing today is better coverage at a cheaper price then they could buy 15 years ago.

This being said, not all insurance companies have developed their seadoo insurance product at the same rate. There are still those policies out there that limit coverage. For example, some popular seadoo insurance policies limit the age of the driver, for example to 25 years and over. Others don’t offer watersports coverage. Today’s machines are powerful and, with three seater models, watersports are an option. There are seadoo insurance policies that do not offer liability coverage over $1 million. In today’s litigious world, $1 million does not go far. Some policies don’t offer medical expense and accidental death coverages, an important part of a comprehensive seadoo insurance policy.

At Northstar Marine Insurance we recognize the growing popularity of the seadoo and have ensured our seadoo insurance policy is sound, providing all of the coverages you need. Watersports, $2 million liability, no restrictions on drivers or on theft coverages and the inclusion of medical expense and accidental death coverages – everything you need to protect you.

Unfortunately these days we have found that with the ease of obtaining a seadoo insurance quote, there are providers who sell the product without fully understanding it. It’s not uncommon for boaters to buy a policy without understanding the restrictions that will limit coverage. You spend so much time weighing the pros and cons of each seadoo model before buying and you trust the dealership to tell you the ins and out of their products. It’s so important that the same care be given to shopping for seadoo insurance. Not all policies are the same and not all providers are the same. Take the time to understand the coverages your seadoo insurance policy offers and make sure you are dealing with someone who understands seadoo insurance so you know you have the coverage you need.

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