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Safely Transport Your Vessel With These Boat Trailering Tips In Ontario!

At Northstar, we may offer great prices on boating insurance, but we also want to help you keep your boat safe when it’s off the water too!  There’s an art to trailering a vessel, and if done improperly, you could do a lot of damage – and potentially not just to your boat.  We’d like to offer these boat trailering tips in Ontario, so we can hopefully prevent any unnecessary accidents that would keep you off the water.

Four Great Boat Trailering Tips in Ontario

1 – A Great Boat Needs a Great Trailer

This is a rather unfortunate mistake we see people make:  They spend all their budget on their boat, then get the cheapest trailer they can find with whatever spare change is left over.  A cheap trailer is not going to be reliable!  We strongly urge people to considering their trailer as being part of their overall boat purchase, and to make sure they budget for a good one. 

2 – Buy One Size Bigger

Here’s a little tip:  Buy a trailer that’s one size bigger than your boat.  It will still be able to securely hold the boat, but while having extra-wide weight tolerances.  This doesn’t just give you extra leeway in what you store in your boat; it will also reduce overall strain on the trailer and likely extend its active life.

3 – Always Inspect Your Trailer before Hitting the Road

Never simply load up and go – there’s too much at stake.  If your trailer fails on the road, it won’t only damage your boat.  It could very easily cause damage to other vehicles or their occupants! At the minimum, you should check:

  • The tightness of critical nuts and bolts.
  • Tires and their inflation.
  • The hitch and safety chains.
  • All lights and electrical systems.
  • Lubrication on the wheel bearings.

Do this every time, and on-road failures shouldn’t be a concern.

4 – Keep the Weight towards the Front

When loading your boat, around 55-60% of its length should be on the front half of the trailer.  Put too much weight on the back half, and it will throw off the trailer’s balance and encourage fishtailing.

Protect Your Boating Investment with Northstar

Now that you’ve learned some tips for boat trailing in Ontario, it’s time to protect your investment. No matter what sort of watercraft you have, we can cover it – with policies tailored specifically to your needs.  Contact us today for a free quote on your vessels!

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