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Pontoon Boat Insurance in Ontario – Boat Through North American History on The Rideau Canal

Ontario Pontoon Boating at Rideau Canal

Whenever we’re selling pontoon boat insurance in Ontario, we love hearing about the favourite destinations of our customers. One that comes up time-after-time is the Rideau Canal, connecting Ottawa to Kingston, on Lake Ontario.

We have to agree! This historical site doesn’t merely make for incredible boating and a great pleasure-boating tour, but it’s recognized worldwide for its amazing construction techniques and for being the oldest continuously-operated canal system in North America.

It takes 3-to-5 days to travel its length, but it’s something we think every Canadian should do at least once.

A Closer Look at the Amazing Rideau Canal

Many don’t know that Initial construction of the Rideau Canal started in 1826 with a military purpose – it was a backup plan for transportation in case of another war with the United States. During the War of 1812, U.S. military commanders had considered an invasion via the St. Lawrence River, and so Canada needed an alternative waterway.

Of course -thankfully- such an event never transpired, and instead the Rideau Canal became a method of commercial transportation, as well as pleasure-boating.  

Today, thousands of boaters a year cruise the length of the 202km canal. While none of the gates are the originals -as they tend to wear out after 10-to-20 years- many still use the same mechanisms put in place over 150 years ago, some are even still hand-cranked! It is a bit of a time-capsule for 19th century marine technology at its best.

Along the way, boaters have plenty of ports of call to stop for food or shopping, including Manotick, Kars, Merrickville, Rideau Ferry, Westport, and Seeley’s Bay. It’s a perfect mix of the old and the new.

Of course, the canal is only open during the warm months, from May to October. But that doesn’t mean it simply goes to waste. In the winter, the Rideau Canal becomes the Rideau Skateway instead – a massive ice-skating rink that’s the largest in the world!

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