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Ontario Boating Season Ends

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The leaves are falling and, yes, a few flakes of the white stuff have been seen. For most of us, the Ontario boating season is coming to an end. Every year, we at Northstar Marine Insurance reflect on the season and what we’ve learned about Ontario boating.

Our clients and dealers are telling us that this was a great Ontario boating year. With lots of sun and warm weather, boaters hit the lakes with enthusiasm. Lower gas prices encouraged many who would otherwise have been reticent.

Often we see an increase in the number of claims when there is an active Ontario boating season but this year we are happy to report that the number of claims was lower than expected. This is fantastic news for Ontario boating industry members who are always looking to attract new participants to this amazing family pastime.

The Ontario boating industry faced a challenge with the rise of the US dollar. 2014 models imported for the Ontario boating market at a lower US dollar were priced lower than 2015 models making their appearance at the Toronto Boat Show in January. As a result 2014 models sold quickly as buyers sought to grab the lower priced models before they sold out. Late season buyers were left with the pricier 2015 models, making the sale challenging for Ontario boating industry dealers.

With the increased cost of new boat purchases it’s so important to make sure your investment is protected with a solid comprehensive insurance policy. Ontario boating is a fantastic lifestyle and there’s nothing worse than finding your claim declined because of small print. We at Northstar Marine Insurance encourage boaters to look over their policies. Make sure you have an Agreed Value policy. This means that if you have a loss, there’s no depreciation on the claim settlement. In other words, if you paid $35,000 for your boat then you’ll get $35,000 for your boat. We want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying your Ontario boating lifestyle. This is why a Northstar Marine Insurance policy gives you all the coverages you need.

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