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Ontario Boat Insurance Tips for Boat Owners

If you want the best boat insurance coverage in Ontario, you’ll need to look in the right places. Knowing how to determine the support you’ll get from potential providers and the help you will receive in problematic situations is important. Our team at Northstar Marine Insurance lists some Ontario boat insurance tips in our blog below to help you get through this process.


Don’t jump into the cheapest plan without thought.  There is a lot to think about when shopping for the right marine insurance.  Is the coverage agreed value/ replacement cost coverage or is it a less expensive actual cash value policy.  Am I coverage for personal effects what is the limit of coverage. Will my policy respond if to cover accidental pollution liability?  Should someone get hurt while waterskiing am I covered…… ,  it’s important that you examine each plan for the benefits that they will bring to your boat and decide on the one that’s best for your unique situation, regardless of price. A knowledgeable insurance provider should be able to walk you through all the details of the coverage. If they only give you a price and don’t take the tome to explain

Individual Needs

As mentioned above, the plan that you choose should cater to your individual needs. Certain plans offer additional benefits and coverage for higher prices, ask questions make sure the company that is selling you the coverage really understands what they are offering you.. Narrow down your search by focusing on plans that give you what you want, nothing more and nothing less.

Understand what will happen if you have a claim

Ultimately, you are purchasing insurance coverage to respond when a loss occurs. You want the insurance company to respond quickly and get the boat fixed and back on the warter in a little time as possible.  In Ontario we have a very short boating season the last thing you want is to loos time on the water because toyr boat is siting in a shop waiting to be fixed. Understanding your policy before a claims happen is the only way to avoid a problems.

Once your boat is damaged, there’s no turning back so if you missed out  and did not get the coverage that you needed to cover your loss it is too late

Northstar Marine Insurance is Ontario’s leading marine insurance specialists, and can always answer all of your questions and concerns, and thoroughly explain coverage options and details of your policy. We do not charge issuing fees; we have flexible payment options, which include monthly payment, Internet banking, and credit card payment options.

If you’re looking for Ontario boat insurance tips, contact Northstar Marine Insurance specialists today for a free quote, and receive more information about boat insurance options for Ontario. Call us at 1.866.717.9295 or through our online quote form.

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