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Northstar Marine Insurance -Keep Your Vessel Safe with These Tips for Boating Storage in Ontario

There’s a lot that can go wrong when a craft is on the water, and that’s what we’re here to protect against at Northstar Insurance.    However, part of watercraft upkeep involves finding the right boating storage in Ontario, and properly preparing your vessel.  Improperly storing a boat for long periods, or in insufficient facilities, can lead to damage that will be costly to repair and delay your return to the water!

If you’re looking to put your vessel into boating storage in Ontario, these tips can help make sure it comes back out still ship-shape!

Four Ways to Ensure Proper Boating Storage in Ontario

1 – Think twice before simply keeping your boat on a trailer.

Yes, trailer-ing your boat is an option if you have a lawn, but it’s also going to leave your boat largely vulnerable to the elements unless you have your own shed.  A serious hailstorm, in particular, could do real damage to your boat even if it’s under a tarp.  There’s also the small-but-real chance of defacement, theft, or other malicious action.

An enclosed facility, like a self-storage unit, is going to be far more safe and secure.

2 – Give your boat a good wash before locking it up.

Your boat should never be cleaner than when it’s been put away in storage for a while.  Otherwise, any dirt or grime -inside or out- has a long time to set in and become difficult to remove.  Corrosive elements, in particular, can do serious damage during an extended storage.

3 – Fill up the gas tank over the winter.

This is one a lot of people overlook, since it’s a little counter-intuitive.  If you’re going to be storing a boat over the winter, fill up the gas tank first.  Otherwise, condensation can build up within the tank, causing problems whenever it’s next refilled.

4 – Always check up on your boat from time to time.

No matter where it’s being stored, even in your own shed, be sure to check in around once a month… just in case.  Improbable accidents can occur, and if one does, you want to know sooner rather than later.

Northstar Provides Top Maritime Insurance

Our maritime specialization means we can focus on bringing you the best possible deals on watercraft policies, which includes these tips on boating storage in Ontario, and more.  Whether you have a jet ski or a yacht (or several) contact Northstar Marine Insurance today for a free quote!

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