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The Family Boat: Getting Ready for Spring

There’s something special about getting the family boat ready for spring. The annual loading of boating accessories into the car, the trudge through mud puddles, the nervous unwrapping just in case a raccoon had nested (not this year, so no worries Northstar Marine Insurance!). It all marks the beginning of a season of fun, family adventures.

This weekend Grammie and Grandpa took our very excited two-year-old son to get the boat ready for launch. Oh yeah, my husband and I tagged along too, but once that boat was in sight we were soon forgotten! There may be gale force winds, sub-zero temperatures and an occasional flurry, but nothing could dampen the spirits of a toddler determined today was the day the boat would ‘wake up’. Cheerios in hand (because a boat needs breakfast after a long sleep), he directed the replacement of her winter ‘blanket’ with her ‘summer hat’ (aka. freshly washed and re-domed canvas) and oversaw the installation of the newly upholstered seats. Accessories were loaded, ropes attached and she’s ready for launch. A peanut butter sandwich was used to calm down a boy who didn’t quite understand why he couldn’t go boating! Packing it in for the day, we headed home full of the anticipation of another great boating season, confident in the knowledge that we have instilled a love of boating into the next generation. Here’s to a great season.

Louise Cairns

Cody Wagon

The First Mate patrols the docks and oversees preparations.

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