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Northstar Marine Insurance discusses the evolution of the Toronto International Boat Show

The doors are about to open at the Toronto International Boat Show and Northstar Marine Insurance is ready to go.  Participating for years, Northstar Marine Insurance has seen the show change from a glamourous spectacle with elaborate displays of waterfalls, ponds, light shows and live music to the more focused and targeted Show we see today.

In response to a changing consumer, dealers and exhibitors like Northstar Marine Insurance have re-allocated their resources and changed the nature of their booths from a focus on the ‘Show’ to a concentration on the ‘Sale’.   Gone are the fancy displays, the number of large boats in attendance has decreased.  Northstar Marine Insurance is quick to point out that a changing consumer has been the driving force behind these changes.  With online resources, today’s consumer comes to the show much more educated than years ago.  Northstar Marine Insurance expects to see consumers that have done their research and are attending the Show with a targeted approach.  Another long-time participant in the Show says that boat-buyers today want more out of dealers – they expect sales representatives to be highly knowledgeable about their product.  Sales representatives cannot rely on a quick skimming of product information because consumers have already read this information online and have come with questions not answerable through websites.

Northstar Marine Insurance along with its marine industry partners is ready to meet the challenge of an educated consumer head on and is excited to see how the ever popular Toronto International Boat Show will evolve over the next few years.

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