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Learning Centre: Of Interest to Boaters YouTube Videos

Learning Centre: Of Interest to Boaters YouTube Videos

Docking your boat
Generally speaking, returning to the dock is one of the most difficult tasks a boater has to execute.  Murphy’s Law says there will be high winds blowing the most unhelpful way possible when you have the most spectators to observe your re-entry to land.  Even seasoned boaters can use a refresher on how to properly dock a boat.  Follow the links below for videos with helpful tips on how to successfully and effortlessly dock your boat.

How to Dock in Four Simple Steps (sterndrive and outboard engines)

Docking a Boat

2. Boat Handling

Boat Trim
A lot of people think trimming the boat means tilting the engine up in shallow water to avoid grounding but it’s much more than that.  Trimming a boat is the method you use to make sure the boat is level while underway, allowing the boat to ride on the water, instead of through it.  This means you reach plane faster and run smoother and more efficiently.  Below are two links with videos explaining and demonstrating the importance of trim.

Fishing World: Boat Trim Explained

Boating Basics: Trim 

General Boat Handling Tips

Operating a boat is not the same as driving a car, it takes a different mindset and skill base.  New boaters are encouraged to educate themselves, both on and off the water on boat handling techniques.  Even seasoned boaters can benefit from an update.  The link below is a video from Boating Magazine which highlights some of the important tips for boat handling.

Boating Magazine: Boating’s Top 60 Tips – Boat Handling

BennettMarine Video: Boaters – Learn How to improve your boating Skills the Easy Way


Rough water

Ontario’s waterways offer an endless playground for recreational boaters.  Even a calm, sunny day can turn  with little warning.  The Great Lakes, Georgian Bay, Lake Nipissing, Lake Temiskaming…these are all bodies of water that are renowned for turning rough.  Handling a boat in rough water requires skill and practice.  For some information and tips to help you navigate when the weather please follow the link below for a fantastic video from Smart Boater.

Smart Boater: Rough Water Handling


3. Boating Safety Tips

Whether you’re a new boater or a seasoned pro, a little reminder about boating safety is never amiss.  Here are some great videos from Discover Boating’s ‘The Boating Guy’ for a quick reminder and new information.

Discover Boating The Boating Guy – What items do I need on my boat?

Discover Boating The Boating Guy – What are basic boasting safety tips?

4. Trailering and Launching your Boat

Boating is not all about water!  For those who like to explore and visit new lakes and rivers, trailering is a good option. There are a lot of things to think about and we encourage new boaters to take the time to learn about the tips for trailering, launching and retrieving their boat before setting off down the highway on a new adventure.  Here are some fantastic videos that will help you become acquainted with the skills you need to keep safe and enjoy your boating experience.

Nuts & bolts of Fishing & Boating: Launching Your Inboard Boat

BoatingLocal: How to Launch a Boat Driving Tips – How to Trailer a Boat

Discover Boating: Towing, Trailering, launching, Retrieving a Boat

5. Boat Maintenance Tips
Like anything else, boats require maintenance and there are some important things to consider to make sure you are running in top condition.  Here is a video with some basic boat maintenance tips.  We always encourage you to consult a professional marine technician.

Discover Boating The Boating Guy – What are basic boat maintenance tips?

6. Do I need boat insurance?
This is one of the most common questions we’re asked.  Is boat insurance mandatory in Ontario?  The quick answer is No… but neither is home insurance and you don’t find many homeowners you aren’t protecting their investment.  Boats are high powered machines and a significant investment. We hear a lot of people say, ‘I’ve been boating for years. I know what I’m doing.’  It’s not, however, always about how you handle your boat, but how the other guy is handling his.  Here is a video from Discover Boating’s ‘The Boating Guy’ discussing boat insurance.

Discover Boating The Boating Guy – Do I need boat insurance?

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