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Why should I insure my boat year-round?

A good marine policy is a package designed to provide different coverages for different times of the year. For example, during the months you are enjoying your boat, you want to make sure you have physical damage coverage, watersports coverage and third party liability. Winter storage is a prime time for theft. A good marine policy provides full theft coverage. Be sure to check your policy because some companies put on restrictions requiring storage in a locked building or the use of a trailer and drive locking device.

There is nothing racoons and mice like more than to make their nests in unsuspecting boats. For those of you who haven’t seen a racoon boat, the damage can run into the thousands. I have seen cases where the seats are torn apart, the covers ripped, the carpets destroyed, the wires chewed and let’s not forget, racoons are not potty trained! A solid marine policy should offer vermin coverage.


In talking to people about winter coverage for their boats, I hear time and again, ‘ I’m not worried, the marine will cover that ’.  That’s not always true. Consider the shed at the marina collapses on your boat due to snow build up. If the marina can show they did everything a prudent personal would due to remove the snow, there are zero guarantees the marina will pay for the damage.

storage shed collapse


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