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Important Wakeboarding and Waterskiing Tips in Ontario

At Northstar Insurance, we specialize in providing Ontario, Canada, boat insurance for all forms of watercraft, but we also want to ensure everyone has a good time on the water while staying safe.  Wakeboarding and waterskiing in Ontario are extremely popular water pastimes, but they can also be dangerous when proper safety isn’t followed.

If you’re planning on going out on the water, please remember to follow these safety tips!

5 Critical Wakeboarding and Waterskiing Tips in Ontario

1 – Always wear a flotation device

It’s a bad idea for anyone besides professionals to attempt to wakeboard or waterski without wearing flotation devices of some sort.  This is particularly important for beginners, since the flotation device will help you stay upright while you’re waiting for the towing boat to get up to speed.

2 – Use a modern board/ski 

The art of waterskiing and wakeboarding continues to advance and wakeboards, in particular, have gone through many design changes in the previous decade.  If at all possible, use a recent design.  They’re going to be safer and more stable.

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3 – Wear your helmet 

Helmets are critical for wakeboarding and waterskiing whenever you’re in any sort of public body of water.  There will always be debris around, which could potentially get kicked up by the boat that’s towing you.  At the speeds you’ll be moving, even a relatively small piece of debris could do serious damage if it connects with your head.

4 – Shorter ropes make for an easier time

Broadly speaking, the shorter the rope (down to around 30 feet) the easier it will be to get upright on your skis or wakeboard once the boat gets moving.  Longer ropes -more than 50 feet- are for people with plenty of experience.  They allow for more mobility and options for tricks, but are more difficult to learn.

5 – Be sure your boat knows the right speed to go. 

A lot of people piloting the tow boat don’t realize that wakeboarding happens at slower speeds than waterskiing.  Proper speed for a wakeboard is only around 14-19mph.   This is much lower than ski speeds, which can easily be 30mph or higher even for relatively casual skiing.

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