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Important Ontario Boat Insurance Tips to Stay Safe and Protected

Northstar Marine Insurance is dedicated to providing the best marine insurance options to people across Ontario, Canada.  Our specialization is what makes us different.  When you need boat insurance in Ontario, we are the experts you can turn to.

However, as the owner of a vessel, there are things you can also do help keep yourself safe and help keep your premiums as low as possible.  So today, we present this list of Ontario boat insurance to improve your time on the waters.

Four Critical Ontario, Canada, Boat Insurance Tips 

1 – Always pack and double-check safety equipment first.

Before you go on the waters, make sure you have everything your boat needs to be on the waters legally.  This varies depending on the size/type of vessel, but generally includes items such as personal flotation devices, signal whistles, first aid kit, anchor, and -if it’s a powered boat- your paperwork and permits.  Make sure they’re easy to access since accidents can happen quickly.

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2 – ALWAYS wear your life vest or PFD, particularly in the winter.

The importance of this tip cannot be overstated – when the waters are near-freezing, you will be nearly immobilized if you should end up in the water.  Swimming will not be an option.  You need to be wearing your flotation gear at all times, to keep yourself safe.

3 – Have a plan.

While not a legal requirement, it’s still a very good idea to get onto the waters with a clear idea of what your itinerary will be.  Use official nautical charts to build it, to be certain you stay within waters deep enough for your vessel.  Consider also filling out a Trip Plan and leaving it with a nearby authority, such as the park officials overseeing your dock, for added protection. 

4 – Never drink while operating a maritime vessel. 

There is a stereotype of people mixing alcohol with boating, but it’s a dangerous one.  Drinking while boating is just as dangerous and illegal as drinking while driving, and incurs similar penalties – including huge increases to your insurance costs.  Leave the beer on the pier, and only drink water (or other soft drinks) while on the water.

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Northstar Marine Insurance isn’t your typical insurance broker – we specialize in maritime coverage so that we can bring you the best in boating insurance.  Contact us for a quote!


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