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Four Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pontoon Boat

We love watercraft here at Northstar Insurance, so we specialize in bringing you the best in maritime policies.  We’re happy to offer a pontoon boat insurance quote in Ontario to anyone, including pontoon newcomers.  If you’re considering a pontoon boat, it could bring you years of fun on the water – as long as you plan ahead and ask the right questions before you buy.

To help ensure you get the best possible buy, look into these issues before you sign on the dotted line.

Four Questions to Ensure You Buy A Great Pontoon Boat

1 – What horsepower do I want?

This is a critical question, because a lot of dealers will have cut-rate prices on 50HP boats.  Why?  They only go about 15MPH and no one wants them.   Consider 115HP to be the bare minimum for acceptable performance, and 150HP+ is going to only add to the fun.

2 – How big should the deck be?

This one is less clear-cut, since it depends on your own needs and how many people you intend to have on the water at once.  At the low end, a <20ft deck is only suitable for calm waters, such as small lakes, and only holds 6-8 people.  At the higher end, a 25ft+ deck can accommodate a dozen people or more, and can handle even choppy ocean waves.

Plus, of course, the larger the pontoon boat, the more HP you’ll need in the engine for acceptable performance.

3 – Where will I store my pontoon boat?

You’d be surprised how many people get excited and forget to think about this!  Be sure to think about the dimensions of the pontoon boat you’re looking at, versus various storage solutions.  It is, of course, always possible to just keep your boat on a trailer on your own property (assuming you have a big trailer) but that also leaves it exposed to the elements.

Renting space at a local marina is a much safer option, but that can cost $1,000+ a year.

4 – Where Can I Get Insurance?

You’ve paid a lot of money for your pontoon boat – you want to keep it protected!  Northstar Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for all forms of watercraft, pontoon boats included.  We specialize in maritime coverage so that we can offer you the best deals, so call us today for a free Ontario pontoon boat insurance quote.

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