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Five Musts Before Taking Your Boat Out on Its First Spring Cruise

Prep the hull

Start with your boat’s exterior – if it isn’t seaworthy, you aren’t going anywhere.  Look for any holes, cracks, or blisters in the paint and fix them as appropriate.  Once you’re satisfied with the hull, give it a good washing and waxing for good measure.

Check your fluids

Some small amount of fluid leak, or evaporation, is completely normal if the boat has spent a few months in storage.  Check the oil, water, and any other fluids.  Check the spark plugs too, if you have a gasoline engine.

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Inspect the electronics

Start with the battery, make sure it’s working and top off the water if necessary.  Also verify that the terminals aren’t corroded and are still making a strong connection.  Then check over your wiring, wherever it’s convenient to access.  Don’t forget to verify all your lights are working!

Test your bilge pump

If all the electronics are good, turn on the bilge pump to make sure it’s working properly.  You don’t want to be on the water without it!

Verify your fire extinguisher, flares, and other perishables

Check everything that has an expiration date, including your extinguisher, flares, and medical kit.  Don’t take any chances.  If it’s out of date, buy a replacement to ensure you’ll be safe.

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