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Explore the Many Sights to See in Ontario with your Small Boat

When a new boat owner from Toronto first buys small boat insurance in Ontario, they’re itching to get out on the waters. There are plenty of must-see sights for day trips for boat owners in Ontario.

Must-See Natural Features in Ontario

  1. Baie Finn (or Baie Fine)

This natural fjord left over from the glacial retreat is absolutely spectacular. At about 11km, it’s one of the longest freshwater fjords in the world, and often surrounded on either side by quartz mountains that glitter in the sunlight. It’s truly a must-see-for-yourself locale.

  1. Devil’s Rock

Don’t be put off by the name. This amazing piece of cliff side on Lake Temiskaming absolutely towers over the bay in breathtaking fashion. It’s also dotted with tunnels, from when it was an active mining site, giving it a bit of human history to go with the natural history it represents.

  1. Rocher aux Oiseaux (Bird Rock)

For more great cliff side views, check out Bird Rock. Like Devil’s Rock, it features towering, tree-dotted cliffs – and the lake is so deep that you can boat right up to it safely. For an even better view, there’s a landing on the south point, allowing you to hike to the top.

  1. Parliament Hill

A mixture of natural and modern, Parliament Hill is near the mouth of the Rideau Canal and is beside the home of our national government. However, the Parliament looks amazing from the water, almost like a castle rising from the trees around it.  

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