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Cruiser Insurance in Ontario – Explore Beautiful Georgian Bay and Discover Its Secrets

Cruiser Insurance in Ontario by Northstar

For many, the unofficial “sixth” Great Lake is the true gem of them all. Georgian Bay may technically be part of Lake Huron, but it has a personality all its own and a natural beauty that attracts boaters from all across North America year after year.

One could probably spend a lifetime just exploring Georgian Bay, hearing tales from its past and legends of lost ships, without ever running out of things to do and see.  When we aren’t selling Cruiser insurance in Ontario, it’s one of our favorite boating excursions.

It’d be nearly impossible to name favorite Georgian Bay destination, but here are a couple that we think no Ontario boater should ever miss.

Two Must-See Destinations When You’re Exploring Georgian Bay

  1. Beausoleil Island

If you wanted just one single destination that allowed you and your family to experience all the best of Georgian Bay in one place, that port of call would be Beausoleil Island.  

This 8km long island is the largest in the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, and gives visitors an excellent balance between natural beauty and guided attractions. If you’re here for adventure, there’s hiking, biking, and camping. It also features a wonderful Welcome Center with animal exhibits and historical information.

  1. The Georgian Bay Land Trust

Want to really get away from it all, and see a slice of lake life that’s as carefully-preserved as possible? Check out the Georgian Bay Land Trust.  

This nature preserve – the bulk in 1,500 acres – is carefully maintained to minimize the impact of humans and technology. There’s no fires or camping, but it’s still available for day trips like picnics and swimming. You can see pristine waters, amazing rock formations (due to glacial retreat) and see animals in their native environment.

Just be aware it has no docking capacity for large vessels, so you may need to anchor over in Indian Harbour and take a light craft across.

Northstar Marine Insurance Does Cruiser Insurance in Ontario Better!

Buying cruiser insurance in Ontario shouldn’t break the bank, or cause you additional stress. Our team at Northstar Marine Insurance specializes in finding you the perfect boat insurance policies in Ontario , at rates you can afford, which keeps you happily boating for many years to come.

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