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Comprehensive Personal Watercraft Insurance in Ontario by Northstar Marine Insurance

Northstar Marine Insurance is proud to offer a product that is designed for Ontario boaters. We provide our clients with an unmatched, comprehensive Ontario personal watercraft insurance policy that will protect your personal watercraft of any size or value.

Our comprehensive marine insurance policy covers the watercraft in the water, on a trailer, or in storage. The protection provides coverage for accidents, including fire, theft, vandalism, collision, lightning, storm damage, and vermin damage. As an added bonus, you receive emergency towing, voluntary medical payments and accidental death coverage with liability limit up to $2,000,000, which includes accidental pollution liability and watersports liability.

Our personal watercraft insurance for Ontario coverage is offered on agreed value or actual cash value form. We can walk you through the options that are available to make sure you understand what you are purchasing. Not all personal watercraft insurance policies are the same; the more you understand about the differences in coverage options, the better you will be protected.

If you’re the proud owner of a PWC, you’re part of a growing trend, and the marine insurance industry has been sitting up and taking notice. There was a time when boat insurance companies approached PWC insurance with caution; they are now embracing these vessels and designing coverages specifically for them.

Here are some important coverage’s to consider as you’re looking for the right policy for you.

  1. Ingestion coverage

Jet drives work by sucking up water and turning it back out but that water isn’t always free of debris. Personal watercrafts are renowned for sucking up weeds or even their own ropes, causing extensive engine damage. A Northstar policy has coverage for ingestion.

  1. Theft

With popularity, comes risk. Personal watercrafts are highly sought after and unfortunately easier to steal than larger vessels. When you are considering a marine policy, be sure to ask if there are any restrictions on theft coverage. A Northstar policy has no theft restrictions – you don’t need to store the machine in a locked building, and you don’t need to lock the trailer.

  1. Watersports

Did you know not all marine policies cover watersports liability? A Northstar policy automatically includes watersports liability for Personal Watercraft (three or more seats).

  1. Agreed Value Coverage

You’ve made a significant investment and need to be properly protected. An Agreed Value Policy ensures that, should something happen to the boat, the insurance company will give you the insured value without depreciation.*

  1. Emergency Towing

Should you have a mechanical breakdown on the water and call in for a tow, the cost can catch you off-guard. A marine policy that includes emergency towing at no additional cost does two things: first, it saves you purchasing on-water assistance separately, and secondly, it ensures you are not left holding the bill for a lengthy tow. We just want you safely off the water. Send us your tow receipt and we’ll pay it with no claim on your record, and no deductible.*

*limits apply

Northstar’s Personal Watercraft Insurance for Ontario Boater’s is the Best way to Protect Your Investment

Your PWC is much too expensive of an item to remain uncovered. Your marine insurance premium through Northstar Marine Insurance will pale in comparison to the potential costs of an accident, theft, vandalism or other unfortunate event. Do not let one more day go by without extensive marine insurance protection firmly in place for your prized possession.

Northstar Marine Insurance specialists are waiting for your call. Dial 1 (866) 717-9295 to speak to a representative, or visit our online quote form for a free quote today.

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