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Claims Departments are Backed Up

Insurance Companies have had a rough year so far. The process of addressing the shear quantity of claims reported from the unprecedented Alberta Flooding had barely begun when Insurance Companies were hit with the flooding in Toronto. One insurance company reported the Toronto flooding generated as many claims in one day as it expects to receive in an entire month for the province of Ontario. Following this event, was the tragic explosion in Quebec, causing a still unknown amount of damage to businesses and residences. To add to an already overwhelming situation is the, as yet, unsettled liability case. Based on the shear quantity of damage caused by these three events, Insurance Companies have a momentous task ahead of them. To top it off, recent extreme weather has added the icing on the cake. Claims Departments are stretched to the limit.

Having a claim is stressful and emotions run high. When confronted with a backed up Claims Department which is not moving as quickly as it otherwise normally would, it’s easy to become frustrated and disillusioned with the process. Recent large-scale events has made this one of those times. Staying claims free is important now more than ever. So what can you do to help yourself avoid a claims situation? Here some reminders.

1. Double check the lines, bumpers etc.
2. Review your safety equipment
3. Review the rules of the water
4. Know the water you are navigating by reviewing your charts
5. Check the weather
6. File a trip plan with a friend or relative
7. Make sure you are comfortable with the operation of your vessel

Should you find yourself in a claims situation contact your insurance broker. The right broker and the right policy will be there to help you navigate the claims process.

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