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Choosing a Marine Insurance Provider

Service, serivce, service. Coverage and price are important, but service ranks equally as high. The boating season is short and the last thing you want is to be sitting on the dock on a Saturday afternoon looking at your new boat, knowing you can’t use it because your broker hasn’t gotten back to you with a quote.  Worse yet, you arrive at the cottage, wakeboards in hand, only to see an empty dock and get ahold of your broker! When you’re purchasing a marine policy you want great coverage at a great price and you want a broker who answers the phone. When doing your research, consider asking potential brokers if they have extended hours during the boating season because chances are you’re getting to the boat late on a Friday night when traditional brokerage offices are closed.  Another important question to ask is if the broker has a dedicated claims adjuster. Some marine policy providers have adjusters in another province or an adjuster that doesn’t know the difference between an outboard or an inboard engine…not a great help when you just want to get boating again quickly. Often dealers have relationships with insurance providers they trust to get the job done.  Ask for a referral!  Vacations are too short to wait for service!

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