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We are approaching the end of another boating season – without a doubt the busiest we have ever seen. The season was fantastic; some of the best boating weather we have had in years. Unfortunately this has also meant the busiest claims year we have had in a long time. Lots of boaters out enjoying Read More

You’ve just bought a boat and all the expenses that come with it. We know insurance seems like just another expense but when we look at the big picture, it really is a very small expense compared to the others accompanying boat ownership…and it’s the thing that protects your investment. Everyone wants to know  how Read More

It’s time for the 5th Annual Muskoka In-Water Boat & Cottage Show, located at the Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst. Over 100 exhibitors will be displaying everything from boating accessories and gadgets to cottage decor and improvement ideas.  Most importantly, don’t forget to hit the docks to check out the new and used boats for sale.  Read More

July 7 – July 15 is Family Fishing Week! This is a special time of year, designated by the Ontario Government, when Canadian residents are not required to hold a valid fishing license to fish Ontario waters. What a great time to try out recreational fishing! Just remember, while you don’t have to hold a license, Read More

There’s something special about getting the family boat ready for spring. The annual loading of boating accessories into the car, the trudge through mud puddles, the nervous unwrapping just in case a raccoon had nested (not this year, so no worries Northstar Marine Insurance!). It all marks the beginning of a season of fun, family Read More

It feels like summer out there and your boat is calling you. If the ice is out where you boat, it’s awfully tempting to put her in for a pre-season cruise but you might want to hold off for a bit longer. Marine insurance policies have lay up periods ie. times during the year when Read More

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re buying a boat and insurance is one that is frequently put on the back burner, not only because it’s just ‘one more thing to do’, but because it’s an additional expense boat buyers don’t like to think about or don’t take into account in Read More

Held for the first time at the new, state of the art Capital Exhibition Centre February 23rd-26th, the Ottawa Boat & Sportmen’s Show promises visitors a great time! If outdoor activities are your idea of fun, this is the show to visit. With over 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest 2012 boat models and accessories, fishing Read More

We get a lot of calls from first time boat insurance buyers who are overwhelmed by the options available and don’t have a clear understanding of what it is boat insurance offers. It’s really important you understand what it is you are buying and you should choose a provider who takes the time to make Read More

Passing on some valuable information on Boat Insurance at the Toronto International Boat Show 2012

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