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At Northstar Marine Insurance, we want to see as many Ontarians as possible enjoying their watercraft and making the most of the many amazing opportunities in the province for boating adventures.  When we aren’t providing boating quotes in Ontario, we’re hearing about all the locations people are enjoying. And there certainly are plenty of options Read More

At Northstar, we may offer great prices on boating insurance, but we also want to help you keep your boat safe when it’s off the water too!  There’s an art to trailering a vessel, and if done improperly, you could do a lot of damage – and potentially not just to your boat.  We’d like Read More

Don’t overlook Lake Erie!  That’s what we often hear from people purchasing small boat insurance in Ontario. Lake Erie may still suffer from a bad reputation due to its over-pollution in the 1970s and 80s, but the modern Lake Erie is far cleaner and a great place to go boating. However, it’s somewhat unique as Read More

When a new boat owner from Toronto first buys small boat insurance in Ontario, they’re itching to get out on the waters. There are plenty of must-see sights for day trips for boat owners in Ontario. Must-See Natural Features in Ontario Baie Finn (or Baie Fine) This natural fjord left over from the glacial retreat Read More

It seems like we have more newcomers looking to us for small boat insurance in Ontario than ever before. Plenty of people across Canada have dreamed of owning their own boat, and they’re apparently taking the plunge in large numbers. Few things are quite like owning your own boat, and feeling the freedom of the Read More

There’s no question that boaters love Lake Ontario – we hear about it all the time from people looking into our marine insurance options, including our bass boat insurance in Ontario. The lake is famous for its amazing views, beaches/docks, and monster fish.

When a new boat owner from Toronto first buys some small boat insurance in Ontario, they’re itching to get out on the waters – and usually Lake Ontario is their first destination.

Whenever someone is buying yacht insurance in Ontario from us here at Northstar, and they say they’re headed to the 1000 Islands, we know exactly what they’re talking about. The 1000 Islands (and actually, there’s more like 1,800 islands) are absolutely full of stories, adventures, and chances for every activity imaginable.

With a yacht at your disposal, you have an incredible range of potential destinations and activities throughout Northeastern Ontario. Sure, the most popular activity we hear from people purchasing fishing boat insurance in Ontario is “fishing!”, but there’s plenty more to do beyond catching fish.

Whenever we’re selling pontoon boat insurance in Ontario, we love hearing about the favourite destinations of our customers. One that comes up time-after-time is the Rideau Canal, connecting Ottawa to Kingston, on Lake Ontario.

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