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Once you’ve gotten small boat insurance  from a firm like Northstar Marine Insurance, it’s time to make use of it.  But in such a huge province, with so many waterways to choose from, how do you know where to go?   Well, it’s impossible to cover all the amazing boating destinations in Ontario in a single Read More

You’d think that the boating world would be mostly outside of politics but, sadly, that’s not always the case.  Due to ongoing trade tensions between the US and Canada, prices are going up on boats manufactured in the US and imported into Canada.  Part of this is due to direct tariffs on the imported boats, Read More

Prep the hull Start with your boat’s exterior – if it isn’t seaworthy, you aren’t going anywhere.  Look for any holes, cracks, or blisters in the paint and fix them as appropriate.  Once you’re satisfied with the hull, give it a good washing and waxing for good measure. Check your fluids Some small amount of Read More

For many boating enthusiasts, a boat show can be the perfect excuse to go on a shopping spree.  After all, with so many manufacturers showing off their latest equipment and accessories, there’s no shortage of things to spend money on.  You might even be tempted to drive home with a brand-new boat in tow. However, Read More

At Northstar Insurance, we specialize in providing Ontario, Canada, boat insurance for all forms of watercraft, but we also want to ensure everyone has a good time on the water while staying safe.  Wakeboarding and waterskiing in Ontario are extremely popular water pastimes, but they can also be dangerous when proper safety isn’t followed. If Read More

Northstar Marine Insurance is dedicated to providing the best marine insurance options to people across Ontario, Canada.  Our specialization is what makes us different.  When you need boat insurance in Ontario, we are the experts you can turn to. However, as the owner of a vessel, there are things you can also do help keep Read More

We love watercraft here at Northstar Insurance, so we specialize in bringing you the best in maritime policies.  We’re happy to offer a pontoon boat insurance quote in Ontario to anyone, including pontoon newcomers.  If you’re considering a pontoon boat, it could bring you years of fun on the water – as long as you Read More

As experts in boat insurance in Ontario, we love hearing stories from our customers about their boating adventures.  One topic that comes up over and over is The Muskokas.  Part of Ontario’s famous Cottage Country, the Muskokas are absolutely filled with amazing sights, quaint villages, and plenty of areas which are only accessible by boat. It’s a Read More

We want to make buying personal watercraft insurance in Ontario easy, so that you can spend more time on the water and less time worrying about policies!  Ontario is absolutely full of great places to take your PWC, with loads of amazing sights, fun waterside villages, and great options for dining or shopping. No matter Read More

There’s a lot that can go wrong when a craft is on the water, and that’s what we’re here to protect against at Northstar Insurance.    However, part of watercraft upkeep involves finding the right boating storage in Ontario, and properly preparing your vessel.  Improperly storing a boat for long periods, or in insufficient facilities, can Read More

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