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When a new boat owner from Toronto first buys some small boat insurance in Ontario, they’re itching to get out on the waters – and usually Lake Ontario is their first destination.

Whenever someone is buying yacht insurance in Ontario from us here at Northstar, and they say they’re headed to the 1000 Islands, we know exactly what they’re talking about. The 1000 Islands (and actually, there’s more like 1,800 islands) are absolutely full of stories, adventures, and chances for every activity imaginable.

With a yacht at your disposal, you have an incredible range of potential destinations and activities throughout Northeastern Ontario. Sure, the most popular activity we hear from people purchasing fishing boat insurance in Ontario is “fishing!”, but there’s plenty more to do beyond catching fish.

Whenever we’re selling pontoon boat insurance in Ontario, we love hearing about the favourite destinations of our customers. One that comes up time-after-time is the Rideau Canal, connecting Ottawa to Kingston, on Lake Ontario.

Described by many as being one of the most impressive and scenic waterways in the world, the historic Trent-Severn waterway is a favourite among those buying small boat insurance in Ontario as well as for visitors from around the continent. This iconic series of rivers, lakes, and canals is one of Ontario’s top tourist attractions, Read More

It doesn’t appear in any of the “official” listings of The Great Lakes, since it’s only about 1/17th the size of Lake Ontario, but for those in the know Lake St. Clair might as well be another Great Lake. Even if it’s on the small side.   Lake St. Clair is highly popular with our Read More

For many, the unofficial “sixth” Great Lake is the true gem of them all. Georgian Bay may technically be part of Lake Huron, but it has a personality all its own and a natural beauty that attracts boaters from all across North America year after year. One could probably spend a lifetime just exploring Georgian Read More

If you want the best boat insurance coverage in Ontario, you’ll need to look in the right places. Knowing how to determine the support you’ll get from potential providers and the help you will receive in problematic situations is important. Our team at Northstar Marine Insurance lists some Ontario boat insurance tips in our blog below Read More

Owning a small boat can be a fun experience, so much so that you may be distracted from the importance of an insurance policy. If you own or are planning on owning a small boat in Ontario, our team at Northstar Marine Insurance highly recommends getting a comprehensive small boat insurance plan. Take a look Read More

Even if you understand that boat insurance coverage in Ontario is essential to protect yourself from situations that you can’t control, you may be wondering when the best time to start is. Ideally, you should begin your coverage the moment that you have an insurance interest in your boat. What does this mean? Our experts Read More

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