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According to A-Channel news in Barrie, the water levels in Georgian Bay are 30cm lower than normal and only 20cm from reaching the lowest levels ever recorded. Most importantly, the water level is lower than is indicated on the charts. Check out the full story on A-Channel News.

Two reasons….Carbon monoxide is poison and flammable vapours may blow you up.  There is no bigger safety leap you can make that is so easy and so cheap to do right. This is so simple and so inexpensive to do right that I find it hard to believe so many boat builders still get it Read More

Actual Cash Value and Agreed Value are terms that refer to how the insurance company calculates what they will give you at the time of a loss. If your policy is an Actual Cash Value policy and you were to have a loss, for example the boat is stolen., the adjuster looks at the value of Read More

Our boating memories started on a whim and we’ve never looked back!  My husband has always wanted a boat, one of the many ‘man’ toys I had put off purchasing while we started out with our young family.  One summer a few years back my brother purchased a lake-access-only cottage and, after falling in love with the Read More

When chooisng a deductible you have to look at your financial situation.  Ask yourself…’If something happened to my boat tomorrow, what cost would I be comfortable absorbing’? If you answer $500, then maybe the lowest available deductible is good for you. If you are comfortable managing a larger amount, say $3000 then maybe the highest Read More

The next generation of boaters!

It’s funny how having kids brings you back to your own childhood.  When I look at my son I want him to experience the same wonderul moments I did growing up, when everything was new and exciting. I was lucky enough to have a family cottage. Our cottage was on an island near Fenlan Falls, Read More

A  big ‘thank you’ to the Crawford Family for sending us their story! It’s great to hear back from our clients.

She is Delicious – merlot wine and butter cream- an indulgence to be savoured throughout the years. And yes, Delicious is our boat and she arrived in 2009 to change the landscape of our days.  Delicious was not only named because of her colours (merlot and butter cream) but as a reference to an internet Read More

The ice is melting in the Muskoka River – it’s almost boating time! It may still look wintery but at least there’s water!

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