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Barrie, ON – On the days of January 10th, 2015 to January 18, 2015 (with a special preview night on January 9th, 2015) Northstar Marine Insurance will be exhibiting at the 2015 annual Toronto International Boat Show. Northstar Marine Insurance brokers will be attending this event to inform attendees about boat insurances, provide quotes, and Read More

Barrie, ON – Northstar Marine Insurance Inc. focuses 100% of its energies on boat insurance in Ontario and it’s learned a few things along the way. For one thing, many newer boaters are unaware of the answer to one of the most frequently asked marine insurance questions: is boat insurance mandatory in Ontario? When confronted Read More

Learning Centre: Of Interest to Boaters YouTube Videos Docking your boat Generally speaking, returning to the dock is one of the most difficult tasks a boater has to execute.  Murphy’s Law says there will be high winds blowing the most unhelpful way possible when you have the most spectators to observe your re-entry to land.  Read More

I’m the mother of two rambunctious boys, ages five and two.  Like most mothers of young children I go through my day in a foggy, frazzled state of being, my mind constantly stuck between my full time job and what my two- year- old most recently flushed down the toilet.  When my parents suggested a Read More

How many pictures are there of the beautiful golden retriever perched in the bow of a boat, ears gracefully flapping, tongue joyfully hanging out?  Dog lovers know that our four-legged friends love to get out on the water!  Well…most do.  Here is the story of a single minded Basset Hound who took on the captain Read More

Spring doesn’t so much ease its way in when you own and operate a family marina in the heart of cottage country, it more or less arrives one day with a most definite presence.  One morning you wake up and the birds sound different, the sun is warmer and the blackflies have grown to the Read More

She wasn’t beautiful, and certainly wasn’t the latest greatest model.  She broke all the time, wasn’t fast and was terrible in rough water.  But…she was our boat and she was in the family as far back as I can remember.  Our boat first lived at my Grandfather’s cottage in Apsley.  She used to take us Read More

The 1000 Islands is a world-renowned tourist destination, offering natural beauty, historical and cultural experiences and pristine boating.  Located in Gananoque on the shores of the St Lawrence, the Thousand Islands Playhouses offer theatre goers and boaters a truly unique experience.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the 1000 Islands while you travel by boat to Read More

If you’re boating on Lake Muskoka, be sure to drive by Baxter Island for a surprise of monstrous proportions!  Sculpted in 2007 by Michael Christian for The Burning Man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, the 14 ft high sculpture ‘Koilos’ was loaned to the developers of Toronto’s Distillery District from 2009-2013 where it delighted Read More

If you are looking for a northern getaway, plan a trip to Lake Nipissing to explore the mysterious Manitou Islands ( The islands are part of an eroded volcanic pipe once formed by the violent eruption of a deep volcano and are uninhabited, despite attempts by a mining operation and a hotel to make use Read More

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